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Top Ten Reasons to Try

Reason 1 Professional Windows Server Password Recovery

We focus on Windows Server Password Recovery solution for home Server and enterprise users. All your Windows Server Password Recovery requirements can be fulfilled by one single software with reasonable price. (Read More...)

Reason 2 100% recovery rate guarantee.

With powerful software and professional customer support, we guarantee Windows Server Password Recovery 100% recovery rate.

Reason 3 Recover Server Password without reinstalling Windows and data loss

With our professional server password recovery technology, software only operating your server sam and ntds file data, keep your data safe.

Reason 4 Competitive Price and 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Reduce your password recovery cost with reasonable price and 30 days money back guarantee. Unlimited edition is a big saving for enterprise users; it allows unlimited usages within company; one technician technical services to your clients to save time and money.

Reason 5 Easy to use & user-friendly interface

No professional assistance or experience in using Password Recovery Software required.

Reason 6 Fast/Free Technical Support

Customers can enjoy a free lifetime prompt assistance from highly qualified engineers of Support Team.

Reason 7 Free Download & Free Lifetime Use

Once you purchase, you are licensed to use it for a lifetime. If you lost your program due to computer crash or any other reasons, free re-download is available.

Reason 8 Trustworthy

Dell, IBM, HP and many other company are all our clients. You can rely on our products, because we are professional in the Windows Server Password Recovery field and offers advanced and convenient solution for Enterprise users.

Reason 9 Multiple Storage Media Supported

IDE, SATA, SCSI, SSD, RAID are all supported.

Reason 10 Additional discount for Academic, Non-profit, Government users

Though our products are almost the lowest price, we still provide additional discounts for Academic, Non-profit, Government users.

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