How to Remove Windows Server 2003 Password

If you happen to been having serious difficulties recalling your Windows Server 2003 Administrator account password and this is the only one user account has administrator privileges on the server computer. The moment, you are able to remove Windows Server 2003 administrator password as missing Windows password is an troublesome problem. Removing your password of Windows 2003 administrator account will allow you to regain access to your Windows Server 2003 Computer.

With our Windows Server Password Recovery Product, you are able to easily remove your Winodows 2003 local administrator password. But if your Windows Server 2003 is Active Direcotry Domain Dontroller, you can only reset domain administrator password. How to reset Windows Server 2003 domain Administrator Password, please refer to this.

Following is the guides to remove Windows Server 2003 administrator password.

Steps to Remove Windows Server 2003 Local Administrator Password:

Step 1, Download Windows Server Password Recovery on any PC you can access to and install the download setup file.

Step 2, Launch Windows Server Password Recovery Media Builder to burn a bootable CD or USB flash disk.

Step 3, Boot from the built Bootable CD or USB disk to remove Windows Server 2003 local administrator password.