How to burn a bootable Windows Server Password Recovery CD

This article introduces the steps to burn a Windows Server Password Recovery CD.

Steps to burn a Windows Server Password Recovery CD:

Step 1, Download the Demo Edition or purchase the full Edition of Windows Server Password Recovery online, and then install the program on any working PC you can access to.

Step 2, Run the Windows Server Password Recovery Bootable Media Builder, insert a blank CD into an accessible computer.

Step 3, On the start welcome page click "Next" to continue.

Step 4, Input your user name and license key on the register page, If the program is not a full version or free version.

Step 5, choose type of Recovery CD you want to create. If the accessible computer is Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 2008, we recommend you select WINPE CD option. If the accessible computer is Windows XP, we recommend you select linux-based CD option. Note: If boot from linux-based CD, Windows Volume is not recognised or the Linux-based CD does not boot correctly then the Windows PE CD option may provide a better solution.

Step 6, Select CD/DVD option on the Bootable Media Selection Page, and select CD drive.

Step 7, click the "Next" button to start burning Bootable Windows Server Password Recovery CD.

Step 8, Now bootable CD is burning, please wait it. After the burning task is completed, Please click "Next".

Step 9, When on the finish page, your server password recovery CD is successfully burned. Take out the password Recovery CD and put it into your locked computer to reset your Windows Server password.